This collection is intended to be experienced as one piece although there are seven distinct songs with connective meditative moods. “Mirror” is meant to elicit those feelings of self-reflection and meditation. It is linked to an introspective piece to quiet the mind and herald the next song. “Longing” is a song of the soul’s desire to return to the oneness of itself. Next, church bells set a solemn mood for the song “Letting Go.” The only minor song on the album, “Letting Go” recalls the mourning bells and the search for a place of peace and release. Then, French horns foreshadow the theme of “Remembering,” a song about recalling who we really are…One with All. Crystal bell chimes call us to be present, in the moment. “Transend,” moves us to leave it all behind and go beyond our physical self to a place of Light and Love. Next, a deeply meditative piece inspires us to breathe in the light and exhale all negativity. “Nurture” encourages us to go to a place of self acceptance and self love. One must love self before being able to love another. Finally, a woodwind chamber quartet introduces the last song, “Journey.” Life is a journey and the journey is the destination.



Letting Go





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