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This site is a collection of all original music/lyrics by writer, composer and artist Linda Herod.

About Linda Herod

Linda Herod, a Deltona resident and Speech Pathologist, is no stranger to the music business. Involved in music from an early age, she began playing her grandmother’s piano at age 5, sang in her mother’s church choirs for years and, in college, was a member of the University choir and the elite performance group the Camerata Singers. Since moving to Florida, she has continued to write and arrange music, owned and operated C.D.Bernie Music Studio for several years. During this time, she recorded her own music and other artists’ CD’s and co-wrote productions for local performing groups and dance companies. She also sang in groups which performed locally and across the state. All four albums, “Gotta Let You Know”, “Letting Go”, “Different Directions” and “Herod, Like the King. No Relation” were produced by Deltona resident and musician and arranger Frank Starchak, owner of Deltona Records.

Herod, Like the King,
No Relation.

“Herod, Like the King. No Relation.” is again a mix of R&B, Pop, Country songs expressing want and desire, the anguish of a broken heart and lost love, the desire to repair a struggling relationship and more.

Gotta Let You Know

Gotta Let You Know

“Gotta Let You Know” tells the story of love: the excitement of new love, the uncertainty of relationships, loss of love and finally learning to love yourself. This is Linda Herod’s first original music CD, produced by Frank Starchak of Deltona Records in Deltona, FL.

Letting Go

“Letting Go” is an all instrumental CD of Linda Herod’s piano music with orchestration connected with meditative moods. The songs were written to impart emotion, feeling, and healing.

Different Directions cover

Different Directions

“Different Directions” is a mix of country, rock, pop and R&B songs about love. From young, innocent attraction to defining the fine line between love and hate, this latest album tells those stories.

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