Song 1: I Can Hardly Get By: A young man adores the object of his affection from a distance.

(Descriptions of individual songs)

Song 2: I Don’t Wanna Cry: She has had enough and doesn’t want to cry any more.

Song 3: I Shoulda Paid Attention: A funny look at what happens when a young man doesn’t, then eventually does pay attention.

Song 4: It’s Over: A sad lament of love tried and failed.

Song 5: Anymore: She doesn’t want or need him anymore…and she doesn’t care.

Song 6: Lovin’ Too Hard: Being apart is hard, creating doubt and uncertainty.

Song 7: Ready: A guy’s story of his frustrating, but eventually successful trip to a bar in search of “love.”

Song 8: Back To Lovin’ You: Love’s on the rocks and the singer asks “how do we get back to you and me?”

Song 9: You Were There: A soldier grieves the separation from his military service dog and the painful need to be reunified.

Song 10: It’s All an Illusion: Only love is real. Everything else is an illusion.

I Can Hardly Get by

I Don’t Wanna Cry

I Shoulda Paid Attention

Its Over


Loving Too Hard


Back to Lovin You

You Were There

It’s All an Illusion

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